14 Day Detox Program

The three main goals of this program:
1.  Therapeutic detoxification 
2.  Cellular repair / healing
3.  Introduction of permanent, healthy lifestyle changes
A side effect of the program may be weight loss, but it is not the main goal. 

The main components of this program:
1. Optimizing the function of the organs of elimination (bowel, skin and kidneys)
2.  Supplementing with nutrients which aid the body in processing and eliminating toxins
3.  Nourishing the body with a therapeutic, simple, cleansing diet

Safety concerns:
Generally speaking, cleansing is a safe practice.   Those with preexisting medical conditions should see Dr. Chapman privately to discuss modifications necessary to safely cleanse and detox.  Such conditions in which it is medically advised to seek professional guidance are:  Diabetes, cancer and people on anti-depressants or blood thinning medications.  Do not discontinue any
prescribed medication while cleansing unless under the supervision of your physician.


Bowel Habits:
Important!  In order to safely detoxify your body, you must have a regular bowel movement 1-3x per day.  You must avoid constipation. If necessary, include a fiber supplement into your regimen during the program to ensure normal bowel habits. 
Recommended Fiber supplements: 
Prunes, prune juice, apples, Smooth Move Tea, Psyllium Husk product

Deep Breathing:
Breathing serves to furnish the body with oxygen.  Another function of our breath is to stimulate the part of the nervous system associated with relaxation.
My favorite breathing technique is to inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for one second and then exhale slowly, for 7 seconds.  Do 20 of these deep breaths spread throughout your day.

Dry Skin Brushing:
The lymphatic system is a series of channels, which our body uses to move toxins and carry waste.  You are able to manually flush your lymphatic vessels with dry skin brushing.
The best product to use is a natural loofah sponge, but in a pinch, a plastic wash ball or cotton washrag will do.
Lightly brush the loofah over your bare skin, starting with your arms and legs, and then your torso, always moving toward your heart. Repeat three times (this is easy to do before your shower). Brush once in the morning and once in the evening.

After every shower, end on cold for 30 seconds to a minute. (Or cool, if you get chilled easily)  Visualize that you are under a waterfall.  You will feel invigorated, I promise!

Supplementation: (All products are available by calling our clinic:  503-233-8113)

Opti Lipotropic – Lipotropic means “fat mover.”  This product optimizes the liver’s ability to transform and eliminate toxins, cleanse the blood and regulate fats/ cholesterol in the blood.
Dose:  2 tablets in the AM with food.  2 tablets in the PM with food

Multivitamin – Any high quality multivitamin will do.  If using the Ultra High, then one cap with each meal will offer a therapeutic healing dose of all major necessary vitamins and minerals.  This will bathe the cells of the body in the nutrients they need to function optimally.

Probiotics-  Probiotics are the “beneficial gut bugs” that live in our intestines.  They work symbiotically with our body to help assimilate and absorb nutrients from our food.  They also promote regular bowel function, detoxification and immune function.
Dose:  10 billion units/ day

Chlorophyll-  Liquid Chlorophyll- 10 drops per day to alkalinize your digestive system and assist with the detoxification of pesticides and fat soluble toxins.

Detox Diet:

Eliminate dairy, red meat, wheat, peanuts,corn, Potatoes, sugar, coffee, alcohol and soda.
Only beverages allowed:  water, green tea and herbal tea.
Grains allowed:  Quinoa, millet, barley, wild rice, brown rice, spelt, oats
Protein allowed:  turkey, beans, chicken, eggs, soy, almonds/nuts and fish.
Fruits and Vegetables allowed:  Any and all except potatoes and fruit with added sugar.

Advanced Detoxification
Continue all suggestions above.
Eliminate all animal products (chicken, fish, eggs & turkey) and soy for two – four days depending on tolerance.
To take the diet even further, you may decide to try:
Steamed veggies and raw fruit/veggies only for two days during the middle of the two week cleanse!

Monitoring Food Reintroduction:

Certain foods are notorious for causing sensitivities in many individuals.  The usual suspects are wheat, dairy, sugar, eggs and soy.   For the last two weeks, your body has been able to experience life without these foods.  When introducing these foods back into your diet, it is important to remember a few tips:
*Only reintroduce one at a time, one day at a time!  This will give you the time you need to really be aware of the effect this food has on your body!
*Upon reintroduction, take time to monitor the reaction your body has to the food.
Take your pulse before consuming the food and after.  If your pulse changes quality or character, you may be dealing with a food sensitivity.
*Watch out for headaches, nausea, rashes, gas/bloating, change in bowel habit, crash in energy as signs that you may be intolerant to the particular food.