Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders

In March 2009, the Governor signed an executive order which established the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The Commission and its various subcommittees have been working together to develop a comprehensive statewide plan to improve how services are coordinated and delivered to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.
Each subcommittee of the Commission has developed a services of recommendations that will be the basis for the statewide action plan and your feedback is VERY important to this process!
If you are the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder or a professional who delivers services to children with autism spectrum disorders, we urge you to complete the survey on the recommendations of the Community Services for Children and Families Subcommittee.  Please click on this link - www.surveymonkey.com/OCASDkids - to access the survey.
Posted by: LeighAnn
Thanks for taking time to fill out the survey!