Long Island Autism Conference a Success!

I have just returned from New York City where I spoke at the Long Island Autism Conference on:
Oxidative Stress and Autism:
 Evidence for Autism as an Oxidative Process, Testing and Treatments

Read more about the conference and download lecture notes below!
Posted by: LeighAnn
The LIAC conference was a wonderful experience!    The conference was quite successful in demonstrating the hope and success of treating Autism with a combination of biomedical therapies, behavioral interventions (occupational therapy/ speech therapy/ ABA), state and local early intervention services  and social activities such as Surfers Healing!
A big thanks to Christine Heeren and all of the other dedicated moms and dads who volunteer their time to spread awareness of autism.
It is parents that are leading the environmental health movement. Thanks for your energy and hard work!

Warmly, Dr. C

More information about the Long Island Autism Conference (LIAC) just follow the link!
Full text of Dr. Chapman's presentation (8MB, please be patient)
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